Touchee Feelee


Eye pillow

Image of Eye pillow

Indulge yourself in this luxury eye pillow.
Designed with a delicate watercolour print, this therapeutic eye pad is filled with organic buckwheat and pure lavender or rosemary oils.

Pop in the microwave or the freezer for hot and cold eye therapy.
The organic buckwheat holds the heat longer, is hypoallergenic, and is not as likely as other grains to burn when heated.

Each pouch is filled with just the right amount of buckwheat, any more will prevent the buckwheat from moving around inside the bag.

Choose from different dreamy illustrations all printed with natural inks that are durable and safe to heat and to use near your eyes.

Some of the benefits are:
• Unpuffs puffy eyes
• Soothes sore eyes caused by wearing contact lenses
• Sinus relief
• Headache relief

Each bag has a 'Touchee Feelee' label and comes with instructions in a custom printed fabric pouch.
Illustrated (by hand), designed, printed and made with love in Cape Town.