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Cotton Coffee Filters

Image of Cotton Coffee Filters

These beautifully stitched unbleached cotton coffee filters are for use with percolator coffee machines as well as coffee drippers.

Two options (please choose from the drop down):

a) Traditional WEDGE shaped filter: good for percolators and drip coffee (see picture one).

b) Cone Shaped filter: good for coffee drippers, especially the Hario pour-over coffee dripper (see picture 3 and 4).

They come in a pack of 3.

Size 4 (11cm/ 4.3" in diameter when opened)
Makes 1-4 cups.

Care instructions:
After brewing, discard of the used coffee, rinse thoroughly and let dry - lasts about two years.
Wash by hand with a dash of dish washing liquid every now and then. Rinse in water with a teaspoon of vinegar. Make sure ALL soap and vinegar are rinsed out properly before using again.

Please note: it's not necessary to wash after every use, rinsing with water is fine.

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